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Account fee information:

Our aim is to make digital wallet payments cost-effective. That’s why we won’t ask you to pay any fees when you send or receive money to and from other Pionpay wallet users.

Account opening


Monthly account maintenance


Monthly inactive account maintenance


account reference

10 EUR

sepa payments

0.50 EUR

p2p payment between PION accounts


Account top up via card

2% of payment amount

Payment to mastercard or visa

2 EUR per payment + 3% of foreign exchange transaction value (currency exchange rate according to ECB – if applicable)

What are my limits?

Pionpay wallet clients can easily pay their utility bills, purchase mobile top up, make internet payments, invest in mutual funds, purchase movie, bus and event tickets, pay school fees, make donations and much more.  

Yearly turnover limit

30 000 EUR

Yearly limit for outgoing transactions

20 000 EUR

Max. deposit single transaction/daily

3 000 EUR

min. deposit single transaction/daily

50 EUR

max. deposit transaction/weekly

5 000 EUR

max. deposit transaction/monthly

20 000 EUR

withdrawals/Outgoing payments/daily

1 000 EUR

withdrawals/Outgoing payments/monthly

10 000 EUR

VISA business DEBIT Card Fees


Virtual payment card issuance fee


Purchase fee (taken upon each payment made)

Free of charge

Authorization declined fixed fee (taken on payment decline)

0.25 EUR

Payment card monthly usage fee


Currency exchange fee (if the purchase currency is different than EUR)

3.5 %

most of our clients are happy to have pionpay wallet account


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There’s no cost when loading your wallet with many of your favourite deposit options.  

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Securely make deposits with both credit cards and local payment methods. 

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Conforming PCI DSS certification testifies that the PION’S electronic payment processing system complies with all the safety requirements

of VISA and Mastercard payment systems. 

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