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We are thrilled to announce that Pionpay debit card is already launched!

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virtual debit card  

Get your virtual card instantly & spend immediately

You’re able to choose the currency you need with competitive exchange rate, set a spending limit for the card, and define the merchant types where the card can be used.



Payments that you will fall in love

Control over your spending

Instant access to your Pionpay account funds and top up your balance anytime, anywhere.

Advanced security

Freeze and unfreeze your card any time. 3D Secure authentication for payments performed.

Different currencies

Payment card with euro as default currency and possibility to make payments in different currencies. Competitive exchange rate applied for non-euro payments.
Choose your preferable currency for making a purchase or money transfer.

make payments worldwide

Use your card to pay online, at millions of locations around the globe, wherever VISA is accepted.


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Conforming PCI DSS certification testifies that the PION’s electronic payment processing system complies with all the safety requirements

of VISA and Mastercard payment systems.

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